Welcome to the Builder's Refuge Donation Store.  Our server network is run purely for the fun and enjoyment from the server owner and founders.  We believe in maintaining a high-end creative server accessible for serious builders without the need for ranking up.  Our motto is "just build" and we stand by it.

Our server is funded by the owner and we have enough financial resources to last indefinitely.  Basically, we don't need donations.  Yes, your next question is "well, why do you have a donation store?" Great question! Our community members are so awesome that while knowing that we don't need donations, they still want to give anyway.  And we certainly do appreciate the support from our community and how strong of a concept "giving back" is to many people.

We will only use funds donated to us to directly improve Builder's Refuge in order to benefit the community (e.g. contest prizes, server costs, development, etc...).

Useful Links:

Our Website: http://www.buildersrefuge.com
Our Discord: https://discord.gg/R4BSZBN
Our Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/buildersrefuge